Mecklenburg County Council's 

National Youth Leader Training

2018 Course is June 25th through June 30th

Registration is available now
(see link below)

We the staff of the 2018 National Youth Leadership Training course will be dedicated to to preparing the future Leaders by 

involving participants in a melting pot experience, with conservation, and to break participants out of their shells. 

We will encourage scout spirit, and compassion applying the golden rule to the course, we will be mindful of others and 

set the right example through servant leadership by corroborating the code of conduct as our guy to do our best. 

Participant will take notes to create their own vision, becoming well versed and all course skills; we will watch each other's back; 

we will grow is individuals, and provide a safe and welcoming, environment.



CLICK HERE ===> NYLT 2018 Traditional (Paper) REGISTRATION <=== CLICK HERE

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